Welcome to my home page#

This is the home page of Lakmin Wickremasinghe, and this page is intended to share useful tips and resources on software, programming, designing, or other technical knowledge.

About me#

I’m a doctoral student majoring in high energy physics, and a member of the Nanjo group of the department of physics, Osaka University.

Currently, I’m a part of the ATLAS collaboration (CERN), which uses the ATLAS detector located at one of the proton-proton collision points of the LHC. We use the ATLAS detector to study various interesting physics phenomenon, including the one and only Higgs boson. My interest in particular is about the coupling of the Higgs boson to the Charm quarks.

Along with the analysis work in Higgs boson physics, I am also engaged in the development of software tools for monitoring the current ATLAS semiconductor strip detector sub-system, as well as in the development of novel silicon pixel detectors for upgrading the ATLAS detector in the future.

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