Welcome to the Homepage of Yamanaka Group, Department of Physics, Osaka University

We are a High Energy Physics research group, which uses accelerators to research on particle symmetries.
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High Energy Physics Experiments we work on

KOTO Detector
The purpose of J-PARC KOTO experiment is to search for new physics beyond the standard model, that break CP symmetry. CP is a symmetry between matter and anti-matter. We are using CP-violating rare Kaon decay as a probe.

The KOTO Experiment located in JPARC, Japan

ATLAS Detector
The Osaka ATLAS group is working on the ATLAS experiment using the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Nuclear Research Organization, CERN (Geneva). We are studying the properties of the Higgs particle and searching for new particles predicted by various theories beyond the standard model. We are also developing silicon detectors for the future upgrade of the ATLAS detector.

The ATLAS Experiment located in CERN, Switzerland

Yamanaka Group News

2022 members list was updated.

The Yamanaka Group HP was updated! The old page can be found here.

Masters theses were updated! They can be viewed at the results page.

K.Coterra, R.Shiraishi, Lakmin W., Mario G., K.Ono, Y.Fujita, A.Kitagawa and S.Arakuta presented at the 2022 Annual Meeting of the Physical Society of Japan.

R.Shiraishi, Lakmin W. and Mario G. presented in the OHS2022 - Symposium on Quantum Sciences

Lakmin W. was awarded the 2021 ATLAS ITk Masters Thesis Award.

Lakmin W. and Mario G. presented in the Measurement Systems Workshop 2021

Masters theses were updated! They can be viewed at the results page.

H.Nanjo, R.Shiraishi, Mario G. and T.Kato presented in the 2021 Autumn Meeting of the Physical Society of Japan

R.Shiraishi was awarded the Best Poster Award in the Student Category, US-Japan Hawaii Symposium of the US-Japan Science and Technology Cooperation Program.

2021 members list was updated.

Y.Noichi was awarded the Best Thesis Award in the HUA (Hadron Users Association)

S.Shinohara and Y.Noichi presented at the Flavor Physics Workshop 2020. Y.Noichi won the best talk award.

H.Nanjo, K.Coterra, N.Shimizu, S.Shinohara, Y.Onishi, Y.Noichi, R.Shiraishi, Lakmin W., Mario G. and Taylor N. presented at the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Physical Society of Japan.

2020 members list was updated.

M.Ohsugi presented in the CHEF2019.

2019 members list was updated.

M.Hirose, K.Coterra, N.Shimizu, S.Shinohara, M.Ohsugi, S.Yamagaya, Y.Noichi presented at the Autumn Meeting of the Physical Society of Japan.

T.Yamanaka, H.Nanjo, K.Coterra, N.Shimizu, S.Shinohara, M.Ohsugi presented at the International Conference in Kaon Physics 2019.

2019 members list was updated!

H.Nanjo presented at the Recontres de Moriond 2019 about the KOTO experiment.

K.Yajima, Y.Onishi, N.Hara, T.Mari, and M.Ohsugi presented at the 74th Annual Meeting of the Physical Society of Japan.

2018 Masters Theses were uploaded to the results page.

R.Shiraishi and Lakmin W. presented at the 8th Science Inter College Competition.

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