Users Guide

If you want to use the justice, please ask manager to make your account.

Short explanation

Login justice with ssh. Then submit jobs with jsub command.


First, login justice with ssh. Telnet, rlogin are not allowed. Ftp is also not allowed. Please use scp or sftp instead.
From justice, you can login judge1,judge2,...,judge18 without password via ssh.

Work Disks

/work1,/work2,...,/work16 and /arena1,/arena2,.../arena7 are available. /work* are IDE disk drives attached to judge*. Size of each /work* is 22GB. /arena* are Arena EX Disk Array systems attached to judge1,judge2,...,judge7. Size of each /arena* is about 480GB. They are shared among justice and judge* via NFS. Please use /work* for ordinary purposes. If you need very large disk space, you can use /arena*. Currently no disk quota limit is set.
Location Size,Type Usage Disk quota
/work1,2,...,18 22GB, IDE drive ordinary purpuses unlimited
/arena1,2,...,7 480GB, Arena EX Disk Array System (RAID 5) If you need very large disk space. unlimited

Available Software (version numbers may be wrong.)

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