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Emacs editor

Emacs in Terminal Window

If you simply want to launch emacs inside a Terminal window, type as follows.

	$ emacs -nw [filename]

The "-nw" option stands for "no window".

Emacs Application

If you want to launch Emacs in another window (or as a separate application), install Emacs for Mac OS X as follows. With this, you can use commands from menu bar, and also use Japanese.

  1. Download Emacs for OS X and install it in Applications folder.
  2. To use it from Terminal, set an alias in .bashrc as follows.
    	alias em="/Applications/Emacs.app/Contents/MacOS/Emacs"
    This way, one can launch multiple emacs by:
    	$ em foo.txt &
    	$ em bar.txt &

2013-11-16 Taku Yamanaka