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Oscilloscope manipulation through Ethernet (VXI11)



scopeman is updated on 2017/06/17

  • Upgraded to fit new vxi11 library in git
  • Removed dependence on Tek library, which was not updated.
  • Imported part of the Tek library.
  • Supported OSX(Darwin) with a VXI11 patch included.
  • Decoder to support waveform information file.


Linux / OSX(Darwin) with MacProts or similar add-on


  • readline and ncurses library
  • wget for getting oscilloscope image
  • imagemagick to view the image


Read INSTALL included.

  • Extract vxi11 library and scopeman under the same directory.
  • If OS is OSX(Darwin), apply patch as in INSTALL
  • Make a symbolic link vxi11
  • Compile vxi11 library
  • Compile scopeman
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